DIY Flower Headband!

 ‘ To be Or not to be?’ was the question I was asking myself after doing the work for this post.  The headband itself is moderately time consuming. But to stop and take pictures  at each an every single step is a horrible,horrible thing. I won’t do it again (I probably will). However since Christmas is nearly here now, I thought I might help out those who celebrate by suggesting an amazing DIY gift. I often do get crafty and create a lot of things for myself and friends. I will post a few things in the future as well (Hopefully).

1 29 2 Materials:

  • Red Satin 1/2 meter
  • Golden satin 1/2 meter
  • Plain(thin) plastic headband
  • 1 meter Green velvet ribbon
  • 1 meter Brown Velvet ribbon (optional)
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Rexine, Felt or any other such cloth

 The Following Is an Step By Step Tutorial For It:

  • You need compass and pencil to draw 5 circles. The first 8 cm, second 7 cm,third 6 cm, fourth 5 cm, fifth 4 cm. This is Approximate you don’t have to be exact.


  • Flip the satin over to the dull side before drawing circles.

4 6

  • All the circles in a stack


  • Take the Lighter


  • Let the flame lick at the edge of each circle. Brown it and shape it but NOT burn it.


  •  After one of the circles has been flame-treated.


  • All the ‘petals’ after flame-treatment.

11 Take your UHU/glue gun/german glue and put together the petals. One on top of other, Order wise. 12 13

  • Take your little decorative beads-Or substitute with appropriate stuff.Decorate flower.

14 15

  •  Repeat the above steps to make a red flower. Cut out brown and green velvet leaves and glue them to the back of flowers.


  •  Begin wrapping your green velvet ribbon around thin plain plastic band.Use UHU to make this stick permanently to the band


  •  Now your flowers and wrapped band are ready. Get ready to Roll!(FINALLY..PHEW.) Notice that my first headband has 3/4 brown and 1/4 green ribbon. The second only has green ribbon. That’s because I ran out of brown and made do with green. So make sure to buy plenty of which ever color you like best. Personally I like a combination of both. 


  •  I am using white rexine but you can use felt or any other alternative. I’m cutting out a shape to put the flowers firmly on the band. Keep watching.

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

We’re Done with the headband…Yaay! 🙂 I feel that this pictorial-tutorial is self explanatory but if you have any questions. Fire Away and I’ll be happy to answer!

Lots Of  Love ,Happiness and Success to Y’all!!



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