Classic Lasagne!

   Ello! ghhhhh…….testing,testing….Hello ladies and gentlemen, hope you’re rocking your fancy bottoms these days. I haven’t participated  in many WordPress challenges in the past .However the latest Cliffhanger challenge (Weekly Challenge) is something that is highly appealing to my mind which is always on the edge of…err..a cliff.  So today I’m going to do something bad. Like really really bad. As in “bad Toby bad Toby” and banging-the-head-on-lampshade bad.(For those who are hanging.This is a reference  to Toby in Harry Potter). 

   Today I present my version of Lasagna.Lasagna which also happens to be one of my favorite dishes. Because I dig a fork into it and the cheese oozes out. It has layers of sauteed chicken and spices. A medley of beautiful veggies. There’s something awesome about bell peppers, bits of carrot,spring onions resting over a bed of noodles,cheese and cheese sauce. Hot and Spicy from oven….this is mon salwa from the heavens….!  








28 thoughts on “Classic Lasagne!

  1. Haha ayesha you can extract a good laughter out of us all. That was a fun Read. Lasagna looks YUMMY !! Mouth watering and………. I wish I can taste it Mann !! But I can take the flowers instead 🙂 Love xx


  2. LOL Ayesha! I love cheese and all that goes with it and this lasagne looks so delicious. Thanks for the flowers hon. Love it. Now please come and wipe this drool from my keyboard and screen. hahahahah


  3. It does look delish!
    Took me a while to find out what “mon salwa” means. Google started with a frozen food company, but they don’t make lasagna. Finally I found it in a translation of a passage from the Quran. I wonder if the people who followed Moses in the desert would have gotten bored after forty years of nothing but lasagna?


    • Love the fact that you researched……actually this term is used up here metaphorically because no food ever can actually be as tasty or even near as tasty as mon salwa…..imagine people ate it for decades consistently before they tired of it… had to be some kind of a food. I’m sure that no dish can be eaten for three days straight and one will already tire of it…….Mon Salwa was actually a very remarkable food directly from God…..can human made food ever come up to it? Never! 🙂


      • Exactly! But we use the term metaphorically too, just as you do; we say, “Manna from heaven!” — at least for the first three days. 😉


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