Lasagna Recipe Updated Now

Aloha bloggy friends!!!!….finally updating the recipe…..(I had actually forgotten to post the recipe altogether :O thankfully I remembered after replying to comments in the first post of the cliffhanger writing challenge …….So thankyou all for keeping me sane (or close to it).















Anyone can have lasagna but only Sylvester Stallone can have a moment like this…….

(Is it just me or S.S. looks afraid of…….maybe Sumo Wrestler dropping him?)




17 thoughts on “Lasagna Recipe Updated Now

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  3. Whahahahaha! Love the Sylvester Stallone moment but I must say, I love your recipe and the way you’ve presented it Ayesha. You are so creative! Now I started drooling all over again. Where’s that mop?


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A dash of pepper will be appreciated! :*

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