Gettin’ Awardy

I’m lazy. Not just your average lazy. But lazy like Duddly Vernon Dursley or ‘dudders’ from Harry Potter. Fortunately for me, I’m not fat . Else my sisters would call me Dudders instead of ayesha. They’e so annoying that it makes me lazier. Tomorrow,  I’m supposed to leave for Saudi Arabia. But instead of stuffing my suitcase with stuff, I’m “Gettin’ Awardy”. I secretly believe that when I’ll go to sleep, my clothes are going to fold themselves and walk into the suitcase. That’s when I call myself a die hard optimist and what my sister calls an incurable nutcase. After all, I was raised on Enid Blyton stories and in there, everything walked talked and did their own stuff. Why are my clothes so damn lazy that they can’t fold themselves ..why? Anyhow, I’ll continue with the award. I, people, am a rebel. I rebel against the ‘thou shall pack when thou fly’ rule and will instead get chatty on my laptop. Last summer, when I wasn’t a food blogger, i rarely took pictures of food. I loved good food but i hated taking pictures. I took a few random pictures in Saudi Arabia  like  THESE but that was all. This time, I hope to bring back some great middle eastern recipes!


This is my second time with the honorable liebster award given to me by Aisha of Aisha’s Oasis  . She blogs like a pro and writes interesting posts which I enjoy. And she’s also my namesake , so I have a special soft corner for her 😛

wpid-liebster-award The Second award is   Quintet of Radiance by a radiant Shatarupa who has the most mouth watering foods featured on her site….. for food porn visit her site and drool like a boss! 😉



Finaaallllyyyy…. the…uhh…tasks….. You can hear me as I let out dramatic sights. People are you serious about these tasks. Like total real serious? I expect both of you to say ‘just joking’ but I’m hearing nothing other than my own sighs.

1. Aisha wants me to answer questions.( Aisha would make a great lawyer)

2. Shatarupa wants me to give facts about myself in alphabetical order.(Shatarupa would make a great teacher)


So  here we go with Aisha’s questions. ( I’m confident in my hot seat. Bring ’em on)

1. Where is your favorite place to live?

Saudi Arabiaaaa. I love the food and Arab hospitality.
2. What is your favorite character trait?

Patience 🙂
3. Do you have a talent?

I sing in the bathroom. I can also roll my tongue.
4. What is your favorite movie of all time?

A walk to remember ❤
5. What is the most important thing to you in your life? well being, her life. Everything good for her.
6. Who is the person you look up to the most, and why?

Mom again.
7. What is your biggest pet peeve?

I like other people’s pets…. but uh… no pets for me. I’m not worthy of them.
8. Do you have a dream you’d like to share?

I want to make people happy. I want a wand that can solve the entire world’s problems.
9. What gives you the most happiness?

Chocolate. chocolate and more chocolate.
10. What is your biggest accomplishment?

A level result. Straight A’s :D…
11. Why do you like to blog?

I love people.



Next,comes in Shatarupa ( to the thunderous clapping and the blaring of horns)

a- apple, i love em.

B-ball, i played with it.

c-cat. i never had one.

d-dog. my neighbor has them. Five, to be precise.

e- egg. i like them sunny side up.

f. frogs. i’m sure i’ll never see one turn into a prince.

g- goat- i love mutton.

h- heart. i have one.

i- irritating. my sisters are irritating nincompoops.

j- jelly- strawberry jelly over vanilla custard. aaaah, heavon.

k- kite- I’ve flown them countless times. countless.

l- love- i love loving.

m-mom. i love her

n-night- i sleep at night.

o- orange- i love orange juice.

p-poop-  hate it.

q-quick- this is what i’m not.

r- rat- i hate rats. big rats, small rats, white rats, grey rats, all rats.

s- stupid- i become stupid to suit my purpose. sly. sly Ayesha.

t-tart- i love chocolate-raspberry tarts

u- umbrella- i haven’t used one in a long long time. Go away sun.

v- veil- i wear a veil with my abaya. Yep, I’m a ninjaaa!!!

w- winter- i love winters.

x- Xfactor- i don’t watch it

y- yoga- i find t soothing

z- zebra crossing- have crossed it even though I’m not a zebra.


That was…… surprisingly easy. I shall pass on these award to 11 of my fellow knights.  I chose them because of their Fabulousosity ……….





Flour and Spice

Shadows of The Divine

My Kitchen Moments

Joie De Vivre 


Saucy Gander

Hugs,kisses & dirty diapers

Spice in the city


RULES ( I have made easier rules for the nominees…yaay!)

  • Pass on the award to however many bloggers you like. From 2 to 2000 or 200000… much  you wish.
  • Link back to me and thank me ( haha 😛 )
  • Give interesting facts about yourself. Any number of interesting facts will do. 5+ facts will be appreciated.
  • Participation is optional.






12 thoughts on “Gettin’ Awardy

  1. It was so fun getting to know you so much more through your post!! Congrats and thanks a million for feeling me award material worthy. I am truly so honored!!! I gave you a shout out on my “awards” page. Thanks again! 🙂


  2. Lol, I dont think I’d make a good lawyer! Congratulations, once again, Ayesha, I have a soft spot in my heart for you too! Have a great time in Saudi Arabia, and Allah bless you and your mom, and all of your family with excellent health and every good thing! ♥♥♥ ;^)


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  4. Congrats on the awards and thank you for the nomination! You made that alphabetical answer look so easy! 🙂 And Saudi Arabia, wow, I’d love to go there one day (with clothes that pack themselves)


  5. haha! As cute and funny as ever Miss Spicy. Hope you are enjoying yourself there in Saudi Arabia. I am sure that suitcase did pack itself. LOL!
    Congrats on the awards. Well deserved. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥


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