The Versatile Blogger Award

Markbialczak has very kindly nominated me for the versatile blogger award, he writes awesome posts which one will thoroughly enjoy IF and only if they have good taste. So, will you enjoy Mark’s posts?

downloadRULE , RUle,Rule,rule…… Gotta share Seven interesting facts about myself!

I have previously mentioned that I’m an extremely boring, non-interesting,geeky,bookish introvertish personality.  I already shared 11 interesting (really? ) facts about myself. 7 more would make that a total of 18 interesting facts, which then would me me what………… interesting? And I’m so not that. So there you go:

  1. I love chocolate ice cream
  2. I usually order a double scoop…..
  3. They drizzle chocolate syrup all over it.
  4. Next I take the parcel home.
  5. Then I keep the ice cream in the freezer.
  6.  Meanwhile taking out a book on my kindle app.
  7. I eat the ice cream while I read the book. I eat really slowly.

Now after 18 interesting facts…I feel quite interesting!

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The good part is nominating 15 bloggers for this award!

  1. Lyndsay, Officially Gluten-free
  2. Lori, Creating Beauty in the kitchen
  3. Sue Dreamwalker, Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
  4. Lea from Good Food Everyday
  5. Cristina from Baked Treats
  6. Dave from The Phoblography
  7. Apsara from Eating Well Diary
  8. Beth from I didn’t Have My Glasses On
  9. Nancy from Feasting with Friends Blog
  10. Victoria from My Love Affair With
  11. Nick from The Bohemian Rockstar
  12. Tony from Cooking With Tony
  13. Alicia from Kitchen Konfidential
  14.  Susan from Owls and Orchids
  15. Stefania from Etinkerbell’s Blog

So all ye good ole nominees…give us a high five…! 😉

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Awards, and bloggy friends!

 I was nominated for the following awards by two of my bloggy friends. And did I mention that they have aww-wee-somme blogs themselves? So First go check out these lovelies… Lori from Creating beauty in the Kitchen(thankyou for liebster award) aaannddd Deepa from Deelightfully Veg!(thankyou for sunshine award)! 🙂



So I’m going to be lazy and going to nominate 11 bloggy friends for both of these awards. Liebster award required me to nominate bloggers with less than 200 followers. However since I had 200+ followers when I was nominated, I will simply nominate  blogs with great content, regardless of their follower-ship!

RULES : All these nominees have to do is to Acknowledge the blogger who nominated them,Nominate 11 interesting blogs for these awards( or 11 blogs for each  award) and Give 11 interesting facts about themselves ! Easy peasy, simple ……

  1. Jacqui from Good Food Seeking
  2. Charlotte from Bake with Me
  3. Dimple from Shivaay Delights
  4. Prudy from Butter,Basil and Breadcrumbs
  5. Kunal Patankar Richtofein
  6. Varun Shenoy from Indian Wanderers
  7. Joanna from Food Gurly
  8. Lucy from Lucy’s Friendly foods
  9. Lisa from Simple Pairings
  10. Abby from Abby’s Kitchen
  11. Jessica from Poppy’s Treats


Both of these awards require me to tell 10/11 interesting facts about myself. Now this is difficult. Simply because I consider myself quite boring. But if I fish in deep. I just maybe able to come up with something. In fact i’ll just cut out on the interesting part and just give 11 random facts about myself.

  1.  I have read every one of the top  100 best historical romance novels(listed on
  2.  I played throw ball (inter-school) all the way up till A levels. 
  3. I’m afraid of water and fire. I’m also afraid of heights,they make me dizzy. 
  4. I listened to loads of music until I turned into a music-aholic and gave it up all together.
  5. Cockroaches scare the hell out of me. I can deal with ghosts but cockroaches make me run with a slipper in hand and the other on foot.
  6. I lurve super spicy foods that make my eyes water. Particularly red chili stuffed fried green chilies!
  7. I used to think that a vampire stands behind my door while I sleep. I’ve gotten over that now 🙂
  8. I have a tendency to see dreams that come true 90% of the times.
  9. In my mind it’s Harry, Ron and Ayesha in Harry Potter. Go away hermione.
  10. I love playing angry birds and diamond rush.
  11. I plan on becoming a Clinical psychologist.