Falafel Fatoush




Salad Sunday # 3

Delicious Warning : For the sake of presentation the ingredients have been ‘stacked orderly’ however the salad will taste best if you  dump those yogurt cups over the salad and just mix everything up with a spoon.

What You Need

   Falafel (Recipe here)

Cabbage sliced

A mini french baguette sliced(I make whole grain healthy ones)

Capsicum sliced

A few french fries

Yogurt whipped -Dressing

Coriander leaves for garnishing



19 thoughts on “Falafel Fatoush

  1. Now I am hungry all over again Ayesha! And these shots are just stunning!!!! Love the presentation and composition hon. Thanks for the recipe as well. 😀 *big hugs*


  2. Hey Miss Spicy…just checking in. You’ve been very quiet. Hope all is okay there on your side of the world. Miss your lovely posts and witty stories. 😀 *hugs*


    • Hello hon! 🙂 Everything’s looking well……………but you’re right my heart is a bit quiet because baby sister is extremely ill. I know I can still post comment etc. But somehow, for the past week I’ve not even opened my laptop…….. I’m having errr… ‘a heart sadness’. But honestly, I just gotta be thankful that she is expected to be better by the next week…. You’re amazing as always Sonel. Remain cheerful and happy. Lots of love and prayers for ye 😉


      • Awww shame sweetness. I am so, so sorry to hear that! Sending lots of healing energies for your little sis so she can be better really quick! It makes me sad to hear this because I know how much you love her and it’s not a good feeling when someone you love is ill. You are all in my thoughts sweetness. Please take care of yourself too and don’t worry. She will be just fine. 😀 *big, big hugs*


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