Steaming Kashmiri Chai and Pound Cake

      One should think twice before wishing for anything. Like me wishing for snow. I’m down with flu just because it was very cold. That too without snow.Just imagine what would have happened if it actually had snowed. Since my mother doesn’t use internet I can safely divulge a secret. I’m enjoying having a cold! Too much . I luxuriously stretch out under my warm blankets as I hear my sister complaining somewhere in the house, ” why can’t Ayesha do it?” and mom replying,”Well she’s sick,so you have to”. Ha!(Hahahaha! Poor Areeba:P) I guess that’s a bit mean. But in my defense I’m one person who rarely gets ill. I mean which student gets full attendance certificates in school? I have, many times in the past. So I(fond of celebrating everything), am fully exploiting my illness. Making steaming Kashmiri Chai and dunking hot slices of Pound Cake in it is an incomparable evening delight.Sigh. It’s amazing.Those of you who face cold weather have to try out this. Soothing,from inside out! Color alert(The Kashmiri Chai is peachy-pink) in color but thanks to the room lighting you can’t see it.Last picture however displays its real color).



What You need(Cake)

  • 2 sticks unsalted butter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup buttermilk 
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence

How to go about (Cake):

  • Preheat oven.Flour and grease baking pan.
  • Add the dry ingredients in one bowl. Sift these.Set aside.
  • Add eggs, buttermilk, butter and vanilla essence in another bowl. Whisk them.
  • Whisk all the ingredients in a single bowl.
  • Pour in the mixture and set to bake.

What You Need (Kashmiri Chai)

  • 2 tsp of  green tea leaves 
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 3 pods of cardamom crushed
  • 2 cups of water
  •  2  cups of whole milk
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Garnish: 2 tsp of ground pistachios and almonds 

Makes up to 2 cups of tea. Takes about 15 minutes to prepare

How To Go About (Kashmiri Chai)

  • In a saucepan on medium heat, add the 2 tsp of tea with about 1/2 of water, boil till frothy then add the bicarbonate of soda and whisk vigorously for about 10 seconds and then add the rest of the water and crushed cardamom and boil until the tea broth becomes peachy pink.
  •  Now bring the heat down to medium low and add the milk and whisk the tea broth very vigorously to achieve a slight froth. The color of the tea should now be a lovely dark pink. If you want a lighter color add more milk.
  • Let the tea simmer for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. This gives a distinct and lovely taste.
  • Finally, add the sugar and stir. Pour in to a cup and sprinkle with crushed pistachios and almonds. 
  • Serve tea with sugar and salt,so people may add acording to taste



Have a lovely time drinking tea and eating cake. It’s the best thing ever. And if someone has flu, don’t fret, even better( Enjoy not doing anything for a while.)

Love and Hugs,best winters to you and yours.



36 thoughts on “Steaming Kashmiri Chai and Pound Cake

  1. LOL! Poor Areeba but as you said, you are ill and if you don’t rest enough you won’t get better. Mind you, if I had delicious treats like this in bed I won’t want to get up either. hehehehe
    Get well soon Ayesha and thank you for the lovely recipe. The photo’s are beautiful! 😀 *hugs*


    • I believe that in future (when we’re all not living together) we’ll hug and kiss each other when we meet and say something along the lines of “Oh honey,I’m so glad you’re here” 😛 But right now we are at logger heads usually!
      Thankyou for the kind words and I wish my sisters were as understanding as you. To be honest, each one of us considers the other to be a big drama queen 😀


  2. okay, being a meanie to sister. hmm. oh, hey, why not. ha-ha 🙂
    about the cake…bake at 350? how long? i am not fond of cooking but this looks like something manageable. take care and enjoy the rest of December!! 🙂


  3. I simply love Kashmiri chai ! One of my favorite drinks. I haven’t tried the cake though. The recipe is just amazing. And look at you 🙂 Being all naughty ! I am sure Areeba would be the one to pray hard for your health right now 😉
    P.S I loved your blog ! You have a fun way to write which makes people smile and I am looking forward to read more of your posts here ! Have a fab day an get well soon 🙂


  4. Well…I certainly don’t want to wish you ill-health but it does sound like, ‘long may it last’. There’s really nothing better than retiring to bed for a few days, especially when it’s cold and miserable outside xx


  5. So sorry to read that you’ve been ill, Ayesha. How lucky that you’ve your Mom to look after you. This cake sounds delicious and would be perfect if served New Year’s Day morning.
    Wishing you and your family the happiest of New Years. Feel better soon!


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